23/1/2019 Download new patch!

Dear players Download our new patch to join at server ! If you use the old system you can't login on server !

  Lineage 2 Elite-PvP

Welcome to Lineage 2 Elite-PvP our project is 100% ready and running on a dedicated server. After a long time of hard work!We present you a stable PvP-Farm server secured from bots. Our grand opening has been set for 26th of december 2018 18:00 GMT +2

  Olympiad System

Our server present you a unique olympiad system. Even the losers win.In every fight winner get a reward of 50 olympiad medal and loser 10 to buy some special items from our olympiad shop , so u have 12 hours to fight and win!

  Raid Bosses

All our raid bosses from 76+ level have special drops like stage 13, sa weapons and some rare items .Rare items can not be found in any shop or in our donates they are 100% farmable!You can find our boss informations at Features page

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